GRZLY: Channeling Shamanic Rhythms and Dark Disco on the Playa



Fusing Ukrainian Influences with the Electric Energy of Burning Man

GRZLY, a trailblazing Ukrainian DJ and resident of Kurenivka at Burning Man, is at the forefront of Eastern Europe's modern electronic music scene. As one of the few local artists to perform at Burning Man, USA, he has consistently participated in the official Precompression and Decompression events, further solidifying his presence in the community.

Representing the unique fusion of Ukrainian musical influences and shamanic rhythms, GRZLY's enigmatic Dark Disco sound is reminiscent of the legendary Black Rock City and perhaps even a parallel universe. His performances have graced numerous European events, such as Wave Spotguide and Atlas Weekend, sharing the stage with renowned artists like Birds Of Mind, HVOB, Benjamin Alexander, Mira, KMLN, Just Emma, The Organism, Magician On Duty, Zubok, Nathan Fake, Vakula, and David August.

GRZLY's unwavering belief in the power of Burners' energy keeps him coming back to Burning Man, year after year. Experience the magic of his captivating performances and immerse yourself in the mystical world of GRZLY's music at Kurenivka.

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