The Hedgehog Temple

This poignant and visually striking installation honors the sacrifices of the diverse Ukrainian creative community who lost their lives during the war, symbolizing protection, unity, and the resilience of the human spirit.


In August 2023, at Burning Man, Ukrainian burners unveiled the Hedgehog Temple, an art project constructed from anti-tank hedgehogs.Crafted from 6,000 pounds of steel and featuring 100 anti-tank hedgehogs, it's more than just an installation. It symbolizes the defense and unity of Ukrainians and pays tribute to those who lost their lives in the Russian-Ukrainian war.During the early days of the Russian invasion, Ukrainians constructed 300,000 makeshift hedgehog barriers to prevent tanks and protect their homes.The installation drew thousands of people who cried, prayed and discussed Ukraine. This year's art project should not end after the event; it holds much more significance and has the potential to save hundreds of lives of people who struggle for their freedom every day.

Heroes never die 

Art team

Many thanks to all of the team members who volunteered for the project. Many thanks to all the volunteers, partners and members of the Kurenivka camp, without whom this project would not have been possible. Many thanks to Burning Man community for supporting Ukrainian burners. 


Yaroslav Korets, Olexandr SlobodianykKurenivka art group


Kiril Tsuman, Grisha Zotov


Anna Panchenko, Dmytro Pavlenko, Igor Panchenko, Ivan Alekseev, Leila Zhdanova, Mykyta Vashchenko, Mitya Zinoviev, Marina Malyarenko, Varvara Logvyn, Yaroslava Bagriy.

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