How much

Explore the depths of human value and memory with 'How much is... life?'—an evocative art installation at Burning Man. This project invites participants into a reflective journey through history's dark times, asking profound questions about the worth of a life amidst the shadows of totalitarian regimes

About the Installation

How much is... life?' centers around a symbolic replica of a well—a powerful motif drawn from the catastrophic Kurenivka mudslide and the Babyn Yar massacre. This well is a portal to the past, merging historical tragedy with contemporary reflection. By day, it stands as a silent testament to the horrors of forgotten atrocities. At night, it transforms into a living canvas, with motion animations that recount the chilling efficiency with which lives were once deemed expendable.
This installation uses the well's depth as a metaphor for the depth of human cruelty and indifference juxtaposed against the potential for deep compassion and connection. Interactive technologies allow participants to engage directly with the narrative, their movements around the well influencing the animated stories projected within. This illustrates the ongoing impact of historical memory and individual action in shaping societal values.

Artistic Vision:

Conceived by Yaroslav Korets, and brought to life with co-artists Dmytro Pavlenko, Ivan Alexeev and Ella Vasylevska, 'How much is... life?' integrates historical research with artistic innovation. The project draws from extensive studies on the Holocaust's impact in Eastern Europe, particularly the devastating events at Babyn Yar, and reflects on the broader implications of these histories in today's global contex.

Objective and Impact:

Our installation seeks not only to memorialize the victims of past injustices but to challenge each visitor to consider the lingering questions of value, memory, and human rights. 'How much is... life?' is a call to reflection, a plea for awareness, and a bridge to understanding across time and space. It is an invitation to acknowledge the weight of history and the role each of us plays in the narratives of humanity.

Visit us:

We invite you to step into the well of history and reflection at Burning Man. Engage with 'How much is... life?' to navigate the complex interplay of memory and present-day signifcance, and leave with a renewed perspective on the value of each human life.This approach aims to encapsulate the gravity of the historical context while inviting an interactive and personal engagement with the art installation, making it a poignant experience for Burning Man participants. The art location on the playa is 11:30, left behind Temple.