The Kurenivka Experience: 

A Journey Through Ukrainian Culture and Burning Man Philosophy

Behind every great story is a love story


This is the story of Kurenivka, a celebration of Ukrainian culture and the bond between two people who fell in love with Burning Man. In 2013, Yaroslav Korets and Ella Vasilevskaya first stepped foot in the dust of Black Rock City and felt the magic. Little did they know, this trip would be the spark that would ignite a passion for bringing Ukrainian culture to Burning Man. In 2016, Yaroslav presented his vision to Ella, and she jumped on board, providing the support he needed to get his idea to life. In 2017, 80 like-minded Ukrainians joined forces, and the first Kurenivka camp was born, blooming with the beauty of Ukrainian culture in the heart of the Black Rock Desert.Since then, Kurenivka has been a beacon of tradition, community, and creativity, shining bright at Burning Man.

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Bringing 80 Virgins to Black Rock City and Establishing a Ukrainian-Themed Camp

When the question "how many first-timers can I bring to my camp at Burning Man?" was posed, we challenged with gusto. In our inaugural trip to Black Rock City, just three of us were seasoned Burners, while 80 were about to embark on their first adventure to Burning Man.
But our main focus was to fully acculturate our campmates to the Burning Man culture. We held pre-event meetings, enlightening lectures, a lively party, and even a two-day outdoor excursion to immerse them in the experience fully. Our goal was to ensure that our campmates were infused with the spirit of Burning Man and equipped with everything they needed to thrive in the rugged desert environment.

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Welcome to Kurenivka, the First Ukrainian Oasis at Burning Man!

Discover the radical spirit of Ukraine, a resilient land that has overcome Chornobyl, gifted the world its largest aircraft and the mighty Klitschko brothers, while courageously resisting Russian aggression. We celebrate our vibrant culture and achievements, keeping our unique identity alive.

Our Cossack ancestors, skilled in battle, united across Ukraine in secret locations, forming communities blending the mystique of pirate havens with the tranquility of Shaolin monasteries.

In true burner fashion, these Cossack encampments were called 'Kooren.' This ancient term lives on in Kyiv's secluded neighborhood, Kurenivka. Our Burning Man camp proudly adopts the name Kurenivka, honoring our roots and radical spirit.

Join us at Kurenivka, where Ukraine's fiery heritage kindles the spirit of Burning Man!

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The Hedgehog Temple and our mission

In 2023, at Burning Man, Kurenivka's mission was to amplify the ongoing war in Ukraine and rally support. The Hedgehog Temple, curated by our camp and placed on the playa, symbolized resilience amid war. Each interaction with this art piece aimed to raise awareness and prompt action.
We initiated a campaign for the Leleka Foundation non-profit, aiming to raise $1 million for 20 evacuation vehicles to save lives in the war zones. Each visitor to the Hedgehog Temple was drawn into this urgent call to solidarity and action, turning awareness into tangible support.