Igniting the Spirit of Resilience: Join Us at Kurenivka Kids Fest


We are thrilled to invite you to our special event - the Kurenivka Kids Fest, taking place at VDNH on June 3. If you're joining us for the first time, it's crucial to know that our event is rooted in the ten principles of Burning Man. These guiding lights are essential for you to comprehend and embrace. Especially for this event, we are always delighted to welcome newcomers.
Believing in radical self-reliance, we suggest you bring everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Active participation is fundamental to our ethos - everything we do, we do together. Our event upholds the principle of gifting: we do not charge you for creating content and entertainment, and you, in turn, hold no expectation of us providing a certain service. Our gathering is akin to a large family picnic in nature, yet with its unique scale and features, making it ever more intriguing.
Our day kicks off with the location setup at 9 am, Saturday, June 3. The first collaborative effort involves setting up the tents, which should take about 2-3 hours. Once the tents are ready, we'll proceed with decorating, organizing the areas, setting up the DJ and sound equipment, and getting the kitchen ready. At noon, our DJ school will begin, and children can engage in quests, cooking classes, drawing, clay work, and more activities.
We plan to serve dinner at 7 pm, followed by a small disco starting at 9 pm and lasting until 10 pm. Security guards will watch over the premises at night. The second day of our festival, Sunday, June 4, will commence at 10 am, offering even more engaging activities such as a sound-healing session, creating Burning Man outfits, trampolining, and much more.
Reflect upon the gifts you're willing to bring to the event - be it your knowledge, hobbies, or something else. We also kindly ask you to contribute food and drinks for our communal picnic.
Safety is paramount. In the event of an air raid alarm, everyone must vacate the premises and head to the shelter. Shelters are available on the VDNH territory. All activities and camp operations will be suspended during the alarm.
We look forward to seeing you at our event!

Help Us Ignite the Flame of Resilience

We believe in the power of community, creativity, and resilience - principles that guide every Kurenivka Kids event. However, to make this event possible and to continue fostering these principles in our future generations, we need your support. Your kind donation, no matter how small, will go a long way in helping us provide these enriching experiences to our children.

Donations will be utilized to provide necessary materials, arrange engaging activities, ensure the safety of participants, and create a unique and inspiring environment for all. Your contribution will not only support this year's event, but also lay the foundation for future Kurenivka Kids Fests, creating a lasting legacy of community and sustainability.

Join us in our mission of fostering resilience, promoting sustainability, and building a brighter future for our children. Every contribution counts and is deeply appreciated.