Empowering Creativity: Ukrainian Burners


Ukrainian Burners non-profit

The Ukrainian Burners non-profit has registered in Ukraine as a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting and empowering individuals to pursue human freedom, creativity, and self-expression. Our mission is to foster the development of a thriving, compassionate, and engaged society grounded in the 10 principles of Burning Man.
We believe in the power of voluntary association, self-governance, and transparent operations to create a community that upholds the highest standards of integrity, accountability, and inclusiveness. By adhering to these principles, we support the development of a vibrant Ukrainian society that values art, culture, and personal growth.
Our key objectives include:
● Uniting Ukrainians around the 10 principles of Burning Man, which emphasize universal participation, generosity, non-commercialism, radical self-reliance, self-expression, collaboration, civic responsibility, environmental stewardship, active participation, and immediacy.● Fostering creativity, self-discovery, and personal development among the people of Ukraine.● Organizing and supporting events, workshops, seminars, lectures, parties, concerts, and festivals that embody the spirit of Burning Man.● Providing financial and informational resources to Ukrainian artists to create and showcase their local and international work.● Promoting Ukraine as a hub for creative expression and active participation in the global art community.● Assisting and encouraging Ukrainians to attend and engage with Burning Man and its regional events.● Together, we strive to build a brighter future for Ukraine by championing the transformative power of art, creativity, and human connection. Join us on this journey as we unleash the boundless potential within each of us and celebrate the unifying force of the Burner community.
"Kurenivka" is officially registered TM by Ukrainian Burners non-profit.