Kurenivka Camp 2017: Ukrainian Culture and Art at Burning Man


In 2017, Kurenivka Camp showcased Ukrainian culture, art, and traditions at Burning Man. The camp featured the Maidan, a central area with a dance floor, lounge, and Nastoyanka bar. The bar served homemade cherry liquor and horseradish vodka, which were an instant hit among the attendees. Parties, performances, and cultural exchanges kept the energy high throughout the event.
The camp's activities were centered around the theme "Radical Ritual," with four Ukrainian rituals showcased. These included creating sacred dolls "Motanka," crafting a Christmas amulet of straw "Spider," cooking and drinking traditional Ukrainian potions, and burning a ceramic sculpture.
The ceramic sculpture of a pregnant woman was burned near the Man statue, creating a mesmerizing sight for participants. Intimate rituals involving the creation of moth puppets and spiders captured the hearts of many, while the uniquely flavored Ukrainian tinctures made from rosehip, fagus, horseradish, ginger, and lemon intrigued a large number of visitors. The horseradish vodka, in particular, elicited exclamations of surprise and delight.
In addition to the rituals and cultural experiences, Kurenivka Camp offered a platform for talented DJs, who played music that kept the dance floor bustling day and night.