The Unsinkable Sound Engineer: 



Breaking Boundaries with MOOJEV's Unique Electronic Sound

MOOJEV's story is one of resilience and creative passion. Forced to flee Donetsk due to the Russian military aggression in 2014, this Ukrainian artist has continued to channel his love of electronic music into a career that spans borders and genres.
Starting his journey as an electronic musician in the early 2000s, MOOJEV quickly caught the attention of fans and industry professionals alike. A standout moment was his electrifying performance at the legendary Kazantip festival in 2006, which led to regular guest appearances and a growing reputation as a must-see act.
With an instinctive understanding of electronic music, MOOJEV's sound is characterized by a genre-defying range that spans melodic techno, progressive, breaks, indie, and electronic. His talents have earned him the title of Official FANtertainment of UEFA Euro 2012 Poland-Ukraine, and he is a resident of the beloved Ukrainian Burners Community and Kurenivka camp.
An unsinkable sound engineer, MOOJEV has played a pivotal role in organizing all Precompression and Decompression events in Kiev. But his reach extends far beyond Ukraine's borders, as he continues to conquer fans of electronic music around the world with his arsenal of dancefloor-ready tracks.
For MOOJEV, music truly knows no boundaries of geography, nationality, or genre.

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