Radical Self-Expression through Music: Meet Vozhd



Fusing Ukrainian Influences with the Electric Energy of Burning Man

Meet Vozhd, the leader and founder of Kurenivka, a Ukrainian DJ and vinyl collector. While he may not consider himself a DJ in the traditional sense, his eclectic mixes and diverse taste in music have made him a staple in the electronic music scene both locally and internationally.
Vozhd began his journey in electronic music back in 2000 when he first hit the decks at a seaside resort disco on the Belosarayka in Donetsk region. Since then, he's gained over 20 years of festival, and nightclubbing experience worldwide, making him a seasoned clubber and party expert.
As a vinyl collector, Vozhd brings a unique and unconventional approach to his sets. His music selection reflects his multiculturalism, and he prides himself on his vinaigrette-style mixes and radical self-expression. While his technique may not always be perfect, Vozhd believes that music is the main thing, and the technical details are secondary.
Although he only performs publicly 2-3 times a year, the community highly anticipated and cherished his performances at Burning Man and Kurenivka events. Kurenivka's diverse and vibrant musical wing reflects Vozhd's musical taste and philosophy.

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