Buy Wooden Hedgehogs to Save Lives!

Wooden model of an anti-tank obstacle, which in Ukraine is called "hedgehog". Ukrainian words are engraved on the fire-treated wooden faces. 
Воля [volya] - a powerful Ukrainian word symbolizing both Will and Freedom, embodying one of our society's fundamental values.
Гідність [gidnist] - the essence of Dignity, the driving force behind Ukrainians' unwavering determination in the face of any adversity.
Справедливість [spravedlyvist] - Justice, a value that has eluded Ukraine for centuries, but its pursuit remains steadfast as cause and effect intertwine.
These interconnected values converge to address the needs of our small planet.
Єдність [jednist] - Unity, the heart that binds, shaping a brighter future for our global society.

Piece of art made by Andrey Lytvin and brought to Burning Man 2023 by Kurenivka.


All proceeds from sales will go towards acquiring an evacuation vehicle for Ukraine.

A simple but powerful symbol: of struggle and unity.