Kurenivka: Reclaiming Home

Burning Man 2024: Curiouser & Curiouser. August 25 – September 02, 2024.


"Kurenivka: Reclaiming Home" is our cozy corner at Burning Man, a heartfelt nod to Ukrainian culture amidst the echo of distant turmoil. Here, art and stories weave through the air like the scent of borsch, bridging worlds and warming hearts. It's our way of lifting Ukraine's spirit onto the global canvas, painting strokes of unity, resilience, and hope against the backdrop of challenge. Our gathering is a delicate tapestry of healing and connection, a place where shared moments and cultural treasures light up the path home. We're not just about celebration; we're about coming together to honor our journey, fostering a sense of belonging for all who seek refuge in the embrace of community.

Features of our theme camp

This is not a service, but the result of a communal effort.

Space for a tent/hexayurt/shiftpod + car or RV/Trailer

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Each camp participant is allocated an area on the camp's territory for setting up a tent, parking a car, or parking an RV.

Kurenivka Lounge

In our camp’s heart, a vibrant lounge with a lively sound system awaits, serving as the perfect spot for savoring borsch, exploring Petrykivsky painting in our workshops, and embracing guests with Ukrainian warmth.

Piece of Art

Kurenivka isn't just about themed interactivity; since our very first year, we've been a conduit for art on the playa, varying in scale and craft but always rich in meaning. This tradition continues unwaveringly into this year, promising another memorable contribution.

Hot meal plan

Forget about Michelin stars – our culinary magic comes straight from the heart, fueled by a trailer stocked with professional equipment, a fleet of refrigerators and freezers, and a deep love for delicious, quality food.

Water supply and pumping for RV

The required water supply is for the kitchen, showers, and RV refilling.Grey water tanks to collect dirty water and transport it out of the desert.

Power supply for RV

Our camp is powered by a large, quiet, and fuel-efficient diesel generator. It operates around the clock to ensure the smooth running of RVs, air conditioners, and essential gadgets. It also reliably powers our refrigerators, freezers, and lighting, providing comfort and convenience day and night.

Сommunal bike

Our camp has dozens of bikes with mileage ranging from 1 to 10 burns. They are not new, worn and often rattle, but having them will allow you to save money and be responsible with your consumption.


This year, we are bringing a specially equipped trailer with showers.

Shade Structures and Hexayurt's

Adjacent to the lounge, our camp features a shaded dining space and a tent area equipped with Bedouin tents and awnings, providing a comfortable escape from the intense sun and protection against potential heavy rain, ensuring we're ready for any weather extremes similar to those experienced in 2023.The camp also has a limited count of hexayurts and shift pods.


We do not guarantee fast Internet access because we have only one Starlink and many people always want to go online. Nevertheless, the Internet will be available.


Our camp is a haven for DJs, created by DJs, making it a paradise for those behind the decks. With top-notch sound equipment, an enthusiastic audience, and a stunning setting, we provide everything needed to craft the best mix of your life.

Camp co-financing

The camp has a transparent general budget that is funded through camp fees. All camp expenses, including ART, are funded from this budget. 

The Man burns in

March 1961. Ukraine, Kyiv. Kurenivka mudslide.  A technological disaster, which happened on the 13th of March in Kyiv.

How much is life?

Photo: Kurenivka mudslide. 13 March 1961, Kyiv, Ukraine. A technological disaster. As a result of the erosion of the dam, tons of pulp from the Babyn Yar flooded the Kurenivka region and led to numerous victims. The only thing left after the disaster is well for the flushing on the site No3 of Babyn Yar. This year, our art piece is a thought-provoking replica of a well situated on the playa. At night, the bottom of the well becomes a canvas for motion animation, casting light on the dark truth of how totalitarian regimes devalue human lives. It poses the fundamental question: How much is life worth?

Kurenevka Principles


Unity in Contribution

Everyone pitches in, from meal prep to camp upkeep, fostering our collective spirit.


Artistic Expression

We spotlight Ukrainian culture and creativity, investing in art that inspires and connects.


Self-Reliance with Comfort

Providing a communal base, we encourage individual preparedness and autonomy.


Valued Time Together

Committing to at least five nights enhances our collective experience and deepens connections.


No drama

We cultivate a supportive, positive environment, embracing open communication and mutual respect to keep our collective energy focused and harmonious.

10 Principles Burning Man

compliance with the 10 principles of Burning Man is a prerequisite for participation in the camp.

Your Budget

Each year, we receive many inquiries about budgeting for Burning Man. For clarity, here are approximate price ranges to guide you. Remember, we are not a travel agency or a commercial enterprise. We're not selling anything. We are a community, a group of friends who contribute to the camp budget and share the organization's costs among all participants. The figures below are for planning purposes; you'll cover these expenses individually, while the camp fee is our only direct payment for camp creation.

  • Burning Man Ticket


    Price per 1 ticket, including taxes and commissions.Reference: https://help.burningman.org/hc/en-us/articles/4467854191124-How-much-will-my-Main-Sale-order-cost-
    Reference: https://tickets.burningman.org/

  • Vehicle Pass


    The original price is $150, but $190 is the full price with fees and commission for entrance for one vehicle. If you have a caravan or trailer, you need only one VP.

  • Kurenivka Base Camp fee


    The budget for the Kurenivka camp and art in 2024 is about $80,000. The camp fee is calculated based on 80 people's participation.

  • Kurenivka Low Income Camp fee


    Each year, we reserve a limited number of spots for those facing financial hardships, typically artists or camp builders. If financial contribution isn't feasible, we expect an increased commitment of your time and participation.

  • RV rental


    Renting an RV for the duration of Burning Man typically ranges from $2,000 to $4,000. However, when accounting for insurance, mileage, cleaning, and fuel, the average cost tends to reach around $5,000 based on our experience. These RVs are commonly rented by either a couple or a group of up to four individuals.

  • RV water refill/Pumping service on Playa


    Your RV's tank holds an average of 40 gallons of water. If you live with four people, that's barely enough water for 3 days. So you need to pump out gray water and pump in fresh water. The cost of one such service on a playa in 2023 was $200.

  • Electricity


    If your camp participates in the Burning Man Fuel Program, you can buy fuel on playa. In 2023, the price was $40 for a 5-gallon tank, enough for about 5 hours of generator use. You'll need at least 10 gal daily, totaling 14 canisters for the week so that fuel will cost a minimum of $560. Additionally, you must acquire a generator through purchase or renal, or cover motor hours. On average, securing continuous electricity for an RV costs about $100 per day.

  • Tent


    You can buy a tent, cot sleeping bags, and the summarized minimum cost for all the equipment will be about that amount.

  • Hexayurt


    You can use one of Kurenivka's five hexayurts, but you need to buy a special repair kit of bi-filament tape, aluminum tape, and tarp.

  • Shiftpod


    A popular tent at Burning Man is the Shiftpod. But we think it's overrated. You can always find analogs 4 times cheaper on Aliexpress.

  • Burning Man gifts


    At our camp, gifts are an important part of the budget, with some people spending tens of thousands, while others manage with just $10-20. The most memorable gifts are those crafted by hand, making their value immeasurable in monetary terms.

  • Food, Water and Drinks


    While meals are provided at camp, we advise having a personal stash of food and a sufficient supply of drinking water for emergencies or if you wish to eat outside the camp schedule. Considering fluctuating prices, planning for a basic supply of food, water, and alcoholic beverages is essential.

  • Burning Man outfits 


    This budget category is highly personal. We've seen Burners invest tens of thousands of dollars into it, while others barely spend anything, choosing not to prepare specially and keeping their costs close to zero.

  • Bicycle


    The bikes start at $200. In recent years, electric bikes in the $1000 budget have become very popular.

  • Burner Express


    The cost of traveling from San Francisco to Black Rock City and back.

  • Car rental and gas


    Many Burners prefer to rent a car. This is more expensive than the Burner Express, but much more comfortable, and also allows you to bring necessary items that are more difficult on the Burner Express.

  • Flight tickets 


    If you are flying from European cities, round-trip tickets cost approx.

We want to stress that budgeting for Burning Man is a very personal matter. Based on our experience, our campmates traveling from the USA typically spend at least $4000, with the average cost around $6000. Those coming from Europe tend to spend an additional $1500 to $2000 per person.

Open Roles: Join the Heartbeat of Kurenivka

Dive deep into the essence of Kurenivka by stepping into one of our pivotal roles. Each role is a cornerstone in building our communal sanctuary, ensuring the smooth operation and vibrant life of our camp. From the veins that channel energy to the heart that beats with culinary rhythm, your skills can breathe life into our collective home. Explore our open positions and find your place in crafting an unforgettable experience:

  • Electrician: Become the lifeline of Kurenivka by designing and implementing our power distribution. Your expertise will light up our camp, powering everything from heartfelt gatherings to the whisper of midnight conversations.

  • Plumber: Channel the lifeblood of our community by managing our water systems. Your work ensures the flow of nourishment and cleanliness, vital for the sustenance and spirit of our oasis.

  • Kitchen Manager: Stir the pot of communal joy as you plan and orchestrate our meals. Your culinary vision will feed the body and soul, turning simple gatherings into feasts of connection.

Kurenivka 2023 Memories

Apply to camp NOW

Seats are limited to just 80. Each year, our camp is overwhelmed with over 200 applications, which means we sadly can't accommodate everyone. So, please, don’t put off your decision to join us. Seize the moment and act now to secure your spot. A friendly nudge towards promptness 🙂


10:00 Sector, Black Rock City, Nevada, USA


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