Wooden anti-tank obstacle "Hedgehog"
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Wooden anti-tank obstacle "Hedgehog" (013)

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A tribute to the communal effort principle, our wooden anti-tank hedgehog model, artfully crafted from aged Ukrainian thermal oak, made exclusively for Burning Man 2023: Animalia.

Core values - Pillars of Ukrainian society:

Воля [volya] - a powerful Ukrainian word symbolizing both Will and Freedom, embodying one of our society's fundamental values.

Гідність [gidnist] - the essence of Dignity, the driving force behind Ukrainians' unwavering determination in the face of any adversity.

Справедливість [spravedlyvist] - Justice, a value that has eluded Ukraine for centuries, but its pursuit remains steadfast as cause and effect intertwine.

These interconnected values converge to address the needs of our small planet.

Єдність [jednist] - Unity, the heart that binds, shaping a brighter future for our global society.